There were several key aspects that enabled our success including sticking to our routine, having a solid support system, and training partners. We built a plan for our training designed to peak at the time of the event, so we incorporated weekend training, training camps, and practice regattas.

Carmen Cowles

A strong support system helped keep our nerves at bay and our training partners were crucial as they provided a constant source of good competition. In an event where stress is inevitable, sticking to our routine is essential. We wake up early, check the forecasts, allowed ourselves enough time to thoroughly check over our boat, listen to music in the boat park before launching, and even stick to our on-the-water fuel of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and Glacier Freeze Gatorade. With this, we can concentrate solely on the sailing and competition without being distracted by the differences in the venue. Our approach is that it just becomes another day on the water, or just another regatta.

Emma Cowles

Read US Sailing’s coverage of the award on their website:

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